Week of August 28-31

We are coming up on a big week next for tests. There will be as many as three tests next week. Math, Science, and Social Studies will all have a test next week. Social Studies may not have the test until Monday Sept. 9 depending on your block.


We have been working on making our own riddle puzzles for math. They require a minimum of 12 questions. 2 using order of operations, 2 using absolute value, 2 using evaluations, 2 using the distributive property and simplifying. The other 4 are a choice of any of those four types. The test will be over solving those 4 types of problems. Making the riddle problem should be good practice for the test.


We are still reading, reading, reading for our logs, and writing one journal per week about our reading. We have also been doing “speed bumps” which are reading strategies to help with reading comprehension. They consist of 7 types of reflection while reading. 1. Connections to self, text, and world. 2. Images that we are having in our mind by the words of the author. 3. Questions about what is happening.  4. Inferences or Predictions about what is or will be happening. 5. Important Ideas that we need to remember about the story. 6. Synthesizing, which is bring together different aspects of the text or our own knowledge. And finally, 7. Fix-up Strategies or what we do when we encounter a problem while reading and how we handled it to get back on track. These strategies will be used throughout the reading this year in English.


We are now going to be working on completing a poster on the entire digestive system that depicts all the organs and their function in digestion. This will be due on the day of the test and again is a good way to review the information that will be need for the test.

Social Studies

We are nearing the end of the first part in learning about the UN and the role it plays in the world. We will be having a test on that role, the nations that have permanent seats on the Security Council, the timeline of events important to the UN and looking at all of the different governing bodies that make up the UN. In addition to the UN students will need to know the 4 levels of questions that are used in social studies class to prepare for the test.

Next week will be stressful with all of the tests, and it being one of the only full week we have had since the beginning of school. Be sure to eat a good breakfast and use your time wisely.

Week of August 22-24

Dear Parents,

Each week we will take a look at what is going on in each core class and what major assignments or tests are coming up.


In math we have begun to look at absolute value and how this symbol affects the order of operations. It is important to remember that the absolute value symbol acts like a bracket or parentheses. You must use order of operations to complete what is in the absolute value symbol first. Then the when you have one number left you can remove the symbol. Remember no matter if it is negative, once you remove the symbol it becomes positive. This is because it is the absolute value of the number from zero and we do not consider it to be negative. Follow this link for more details on absolute value.



We have been looking at the human digestive system and how is works as a system. Particularly in the Behavior, Function, and Structures of this system. We are also considering the Interconnectedness and Changes. Follow this link for more information.



In English we have begun to use our Writers Workshop notebook to begin writing about “small moments” in our lives that have affected us strongly in some way. We also read a story about “Charlie” to look at character traits. Students should have done a mind map on how the author used actions, thoughts, words, or visuals to tell us about them. We will be doing more reading and thinking about our reading using strategies as the next couple weeks progress.

Social Studies

This week we completed the reading on the UN and will begin to discuss the issues facing the UN in today’s world. We will be using different levels of questions and interactive reading to help us understand more. We need to really understand the reading because we are having a QUIZ on it in one more week! For further information follow the link below.


We have also began to do our Reading Responses to current news events. We have two assignments do next week. The details on those are found here.

We that is it for this week. I hope you enjoy another long weekend!


Homework Calendar

[gcal src=”https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?title=Homework&height=600&wkst=1&bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&src=ismanila.org_nkpll1b2jdo9tc03qtnsk589e0%40group.calendar.google.com&color=%23182C57&src=ismanila.org_8dsbc2srn1b1u76r10fol39324%40group.calendar.google.com&color=%238C500B&src=ismanila.org_jvtfknbp7uf7s7saltle56v42s%40group.calendar.google.com&color=%23AB8B00&src=ismanila.org_j0ifpogsus9a0d73004r645d1s%40group.calendar.google.com&color=%232F6309&ctz=Asia%2FManila” width=”800″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=” border-width:0 “]

First Week…

For the first week we have been busy with organization and baseline testing.

We have been using the Criterion Based Measures website www.easycbm.com to establish baseline measures of core skills in reading comprehension and fluency, math reasoning and calculations, and taking a writing sample. We will take this measure two more time this year to track learning in these areas.

We have also had a focus on using an expanding/accordion folder to help organize handouts, papers, assignments and journals. We have all classes organized in the folder and are using a section up front to keep homework in.

We are also using our planners in a way that is comprehensive and makes sure that all assignments are being written down each day. A calendar has been explained that covers all assignments with due dates. This master calendar resides in the Strategies Instruction room 3002 and is referenced each class.

Time has been used to its fullest and we hope to begin working on specific strategies for classes this week. A mini lesson on highlighting is first up for the strategies.

A New Year Begins

The new year is upon us and it will be exciting and challenging. At the beginning of the year class will be focusing on making sure that each student is organized and ready to meet the year with a system to their success. The student planner will be the central part of that organization system. From there we will be focused on making sure that materials are well organized and match what is required for each classes’ unique needs.