First Week…

For the first week we have been busy with organization and baseline testing.

We have been using the Criterion Based Measures website to establish baseline measures of core skills in reading comprehension and fluency, math reasoning and calculations, and taking a writing sample. We will take this measure two more time this year to track learning in these areas.

We have also had a focus on using an expanding/accordion folder to help organize handouts, papers, assignments and journals. We have all classes organized in the folder and are using a section up front to keep homework in.

We are also using our planners in a way that is comprehensive and makes sure that all assignments are being written down each day. A calendar has been explained that covers all assignments with due dates. This master calendar resides in the Strategies Instruction room 3002 and is referenced each class.

Time has been used to its fullest and we hope to begin working on specific strategies for classes this week. A mini lesson on highlighting is first up for the strategies.

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