Week of August 22-24

Dear Parents,

Each week we will take a look at what is going on in each core class and what major assignments or tests are coming up.


In math we have begun to look at absolute value and how this symbol affects the order of operations. It is important to remember that the absolute value symbol acts like a bracket or parentheses. You must use order of operations to complete what is in the absolute value symbol first. Then the when you have one number left you can remove the symbol. Remember no matter if it is negative, once you remove the symbol it becomes positive. This is because it is the absolute value of the number from zero and we do not consider it to be negative. Follow this link for more details on absolute value.



We have been looking at the human digestive system and how is works as a system. Particularly in the Behavior, Function, and Structures of this system. We are also considering the Interconnectedness and Changes. Follow this link for more information.



In English we have begun to use our Writers Workshop notebook to begin writing about “small moments” in our lives that have affected us strongly in some way. We also read a story about “Charlie” to look at character traits. Students should have done a mind map on how the author used actions, thoughts, words, or visuals to tell us about them. We will be doing more reading and thinking about our reading using strategies as the next couple weeks progress.

Social Studies

This week we completed the reading on the UN and will begin to discuss the issues facing the UN in today’s world. We will be using different levels of questions and interactive reading to help us understand more. We need to really understand the reading because we are having a QUIZ on it in one more week! For further information follow the link below.


We have also began to do our Reading Responses to current news events. We have two assignments do next week. The details on those are found here.

We that is it for this week. I hope you enjoy another long weekend!


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