Week of September 10-14


This week we focused on solving equations by balancing both side of the equation. We worked on using manipulative materials to help understand how to solve equations by removing operations to isolate the variable. We also had a challenging problem solving set #2 that was worked on during the week and was due Friday. Problem number 2 was of a particular challenge for many students! Here is a PowerPoint that cover the Algebraic Reasoning. 


We started a new unit this week and are looking at the bodies circulatory system. Here is the PowerPoint to get a jump start: http://www.slideshare.net/ismscience/notes-on-circulation We had a short week with only one class because students attended a seminar from the Foundation for Chemical Dependency. We did a short lab on vital signs and took our pulse rate, respiration rate, and learned our lung volume. Students need to comment on the quote, Aristotle once said ‘The  whole is more than the sum of its parts’. What does this mean? Cite an example that relates to your daily life. Here: http://pasambag.ism-online.org/2012/09/07/gr-8-homework-extension-blog-reflection-1-system-components-2/

Social Studies

In Social Studies we practiced parliamentary procedures for running a Model UN activity. Students were assigned a country to research for the upcoming MUN topics that will be debated in class. Students need to begin this research by completing their next News Magazine article #2 found here: http://willeyc.ism-online.org/category/grade-8-social-studies/ These are due Sunday evening at 9pm.


Writing, writing, writing. This was the focus this week. We are taking our “small moment” writing and transforming them into a short memoir that will have a central theme. Students are having a hard time deciding on that theme and then crafting writing to match the theme. Next week will be dedicated to more writing and helping students to understand the theme aspect and how to write with that in mind. We will begin by developing plans to organize our thoughts and feelings into a story.

Learning Support

In SI classes we have been working on mastering the four types of sentences and the mechanics of recognizing them and writing them. The goal here is to be able to see writing patterns and to vary our types of sentences. A secondary goal is to know what non-sentences are by knowing how to properly recognize and write specific sentence types. We have also began to use meta-cognitive reading strategies with texts. We modeled using these strategies and then began to try them independently. Reading and writing will be an ongoing focus of strategies class this term.

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