Week of Sept. 17-21


This week in math we focused on covering the use of transposing in algebra. This is solving for a variable with other variables in the equation. This is very helpful when trying to find an answer with a formula. Not only will this be helpful in algebra, but in science classes too. Here is a sheet for extra practice on transposing.


Dissection!! We did our first full dissection this week on a pig heart. The purpose was to identify the major structures within the heart and look at the heart as a smaller sub-system within the circulatory system we are studying. Students will need to finalize their sketch for next class. Students need to be sure that they make a comment on the blog here: http://pasambag.ism-online.org/2012/09/07/gr-8-homework-extension-blog-reflection-1-system-components-2/


We continue to write on our Memoir and we had our first draft due. Students are looking at how to plan and connect the memoir to a theme, and how to plan out their writing using different scenes to move the story forward. They need to be sure that they are looking at actions, thoughts, dialogue, and details.

Social Studies

Operative Clauses, Policy Statements, and international chaos! We move forward with working on our Model UN project and looking at real issues that are facing the international community. This week was all about learning the issue that each class will be debating for the MUN and how each country might view the issue so we can prepare our policy statements. Beginning next week we will start researching the assigned country and find evidence to support our policy. Due on Sunday students will have New Mag #3 to complete. Instructions are found here: http://willeyc.ism-online.org/2012/09/19/news-mag-article-3-about-your-topic/

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