Week of Nov. 5-9

First week back from break and we are into the full swing of things with all core classes. In particular English has a looming due date for a large project, followed by an assessment in math for the geometry unit. SO let’s get started!


All English classes have been working on a research paper that explores how a poet (student’s choice) has transformed you, society, or culture. This has been a very challenging research project, mainly because the students are having to think critically on transformations while at the same time complete credible research that supports their thinking. Luckily, the due date has been pushed back from the beginning of next week to the middle (or even end) of next week. Here is a link to a full explanation of the project due next week.


With one more concept to learn next week, we are heading into the review part of the unit before we have an assessment Nov. 20-21 (depending on classes). Next week will be it for learning the geometry concepts. We will then review and test the end of the following week. Here is a comprehensive PowerPoint for the unit and a vocabulary review.





We just began the new unit on chemistry and have started doing labs to explore physical properties this week. There will be many hands-on activities as we explore the chemistry unit. The next performance task will be for students to cook breakfast and explain all the physical and chemical changes that take place in making the meal. Should be tasty learning!

Social Studies

The let the revolutions begin! We have started with the current events of Arab Spring and are learning about the changes happening in Syria. We will then take a historic look back at other major revolutions throughout history. Students have a presentation due on the Syrian uprising on Monday. Finally, students have their 5th News Mag article due this Sunday by 9pm. It needs to be done in Google Drive/Docs and then shared with Mr. Willey. Here are the directions.

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