Week of Nov. 12-16


This was a difficult week for all the English classes as student struggled to complete their research papers on the transformative works of a poet they selected. Many students had a hard time finding how they were transformative and then justifying that with research. It was a difficult assignment, but that is behind them now. They will now pick one poem from the same poet and use that in an analysis paper starting next week. They should already have selected the poem (as this should have been the poem they thought was transformative in the first paper). They will look at this poem from three sides. Here is the complete instruction set from Mr. Burke’s blog and this is the same for all of the other English teachers.  This should be a bit easier and more focused on poetry than the research and writing skills.


Math is now finished with teaching the concepts for the Geometry unit and are now practicing and reviewing the concepts to make sure that they have been mastered before the assessment. The assessment has been delayed a couple of days because of students being away and to give extra time to master the content. The assessment will happen the end of next week. To get extra practice and to have a couple of review sheets please print out the sheets below to use on preparation for the assessment.






This week has been a lot of practical labs. The reason is to help keep lab skills fresh and to review any weak points in students’ understanding of those skills. Later in this unit their lab skills will be assessed and we are using this time to make sure they are ready for the challenge. The focus of the labs has been states of matter and phase change. Graphing was the lab skill that we used to make sure students collected accurate data and then could express that data in a meaningful manner. Next week will continue with practical labs and finish up phase change. There will be a lot of new vocabulary with the chemistry unit and a Quizlet with all the vocabulary has been made to help students study. Follow this link to learn the words or click on the picture below.

Social Studies

What is the recipe for a revolution? Take one part middle class anger, and two parts economic disaster and human rights violations, shake them together and you have one nicely mixed revolution. The students have been looking at the different phases of revolutions and there causes. A great PowerPoint going over these phases can be found here and below. Students will next do a chart that makes an analogy of these four phases to something similar from their experiences. Some good ideas have been a basketball game, a story plot, a seed becoming a plant, and the four seasons. Finally, students have a News Mag that must be completed by 9pm Sunday evening. Follow the link here to get full details.

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