Week of Nov. 19-23


Geometry assessment is behind us, and now we are looking forward to strengthening our problem solving skills and basic skills. Next week will focus mainly on those skills. In the beginning of December there will be an assessment on basic skills and the Problem Solving #4 will be due next week.


Physical Changes has been completed and the quiz over this concept is the beginning of next week. The quiz will have a large focus on vocabulary and using the Quizlet to learn the terms will be very helpful. Here is a link to the Quizlet. Also students can download the PowerPoint on Physical Changes to help review the concepts.  After the quiz, students will begin to explore Chemical Reactions. This should be a fun exploration of how things change and make new substances.


Task 3 of analyzing a poem will be finished this week and that leaves students to focus on making and completing their scrapbooks for the unit finale. This will be a decorative scrapbook that they create with poems they have collected and wrote, along with the previous essays and bibliography placed in the back. They get to make it as creative as they want and it should reflect them and their tastes in poetry. This final task will be due in the beginning of December.

Social Studies

There will be a geography quiz on the Middle East next week based on the maps that students have be filling out for the past couple weeks. This will be a skills and fact based quiz to check for their geographical knowledge of the region. Next, students will be working in groups to create a presentation on one of four historical revolutions. The French, American, Russian, or Iranian Revolutions will be explored. The presentations will be shared with the class to teach each other about the four different revolutions.

The weeks until break are going fast and soon the semester will be over. I have been trying hard to keep students focused as we head into the most challenging part of the academic semester. Please let me know if you have concerns or questions as things start to conclude.

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