Week of Jan. 7-11

Welcome back! This week begins mark the beginning of a new semester and a fresh start. Keeping up with assignments and organization will be key to ending this year with our best efforts.


We begin the semester with a novel study. Students have been assigned their books and the dates for which they need to complete sections of reading. Classes will be broken into book groups and have four group meetings to discuss the books they are reading. As they read, students must fill-out bookmarks and keep a reading journal. These will be used to fuel the group discussions. At the end of the reading, students will be writing an essay based on answering a question from a list provided by the teacher. Here is a link to that list. This week students need to choose three possible questions they want to answer and see how well those questions fit the book they are reading. By the first meeting students will need to have picked one question and begin filling out their bookmarks to help answer that question. Finally, next week students will complete a writing assessment that will take place over two class periods. This assessment will replace the ERB assessment that was used in the past.

Social Studies

People Power Revolution! Students are learning about the Philippine revolution that took place in 1986. They will be making a timeline of events, taking notes on a video about the revolution, and then writing a 5 paragraph essay on the question, “Was the People Power Revolution a successful revolution for the Philippines?” They will have to support their opinions with evidence from their notes and teacher provided articles. They will begin watching the video next week. Below is the video they are watching on YouTube.




Prior to the holiday break students began learning about graphing, identifying functions, types of functions, and interpreting data tables. We have taken a short break from that and are working on a performance task where students are using software to create hubcap designs using geometric principles of reflection, dilation, translation, and rotation. This task is done in class and they have two full periods to complete it. This is a difficult task with many steps and the work can only be done at school with the software. Students might need to stay after or use tutorials to complete the task (extra time will be given for those students in SI class). After the task, we will be reviewing what we have learned on graphing and functions before taking a test in the next couple weeks. Resources for reviewing can be found here.


This week in science we are really cooking! Students are cooking breakfast items in the lab to observe and explain the physical and chemical changes that happen as we prepare food. After they have completed the labs, they will then take an assessment on their understanding of the physical and chemical changes they observed. They will need to explain why a change was physical or chemical. During the labs students are taking notes about the changes they are observing and will be able to use those notes on the assessment. This assessment will end the unit on transformations, and we will then begin the next unit on relationships between work, energy, power and machines.

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