Week of Jan. 14-18

Technology is cool! All students in Strategies Instruction and students being supported in a core class, have been added to the Homework Calendar share for Google. They now will have all the assignments appear automatically in their Google Calendar for the school account.  All they have to do is login to their school Google account and click on calendar to see the assignments. Students have also been encouraged and taught how to use the calendar to add their own reminders and calendar events.


This week we finished working on the Hubcap Design performance task. The rest of the week was spent on review for the test next week. The test will be at the end of the week and we will begin the week with more review. If you want extra resources to review with follow this link to download Concept Checks to use for review at home.


We have begun the Unit on power. Students have been introduced to the main concepts and were encouraged to learn the vocabulary and formulas that will be used during this unit. The vocabulary and formulas can be studied online using the Quizlet webpage. This is a great resource to help learn the content and should be used at the beginning of the unit to help understanding of the concepts. Here is a link that will take you to the Quizlet webpage.  


This week was busy with the Cornerstone Assessment. This assessment will be used to determine student skills and will also serve as the assessment for Honors English in grade 9. Next week will be the first full week of the novel study. Groups will meet once a week to discuss their novel and help further their understandings by hearing other opinions and perspectives. Each week will require students to complete reading journals, fill-out meta-cognitive reading strategies bookmarks, and read a set number of pages. The novel study will end after we return from CWW and will then transition into an essay assignment about their novel.

Social Studies

Students have been watching a movie on the People Power Revolution of the Philippines. They have also been filling out a timeline and doing teacher assigned readings on the revolution.  They will begin to research, use the readings, and movie notes for an essay in the next couple weeks. One of the cool assignments will be setting up a “Fakebook” account that they will use to make posts as one of the leaders during the revolution. They will have to make posts in favor or against what was happening during the revolution.

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