Week of Jan. 21-25


This week ended with an assessment on functions and graphing. This completes the first part of the unit. We are now moving into learning about slope and line intercepts. This will require the student to learn the y-intercept form and draw on their algebra skills. Also, a new problem solving worksheet was handed out to be done as homework. They will need to have 2 of 6 problems completed by Monday.


We completed an experiment on Work using ramps, a car, and Newton Scale. The result found was that moving a mass to a constant height takes the same amount of Work no matter what the distance. Students need to complete a final draft of the experiment write-up, due first class next week. Here are some very useful resources from Mr. Pasamba’s blog. These resources will come in handy as they continue doing more science write-ups this unit.

Social Studies

Students continue to watch the video on the People Power Revolution in class and take notes as they watch. It would be very helpful for students to watch the videos again at home and take time to pause the video to write in their notes of important events. Below is a completed timeline that students can use to help fill-in any blanks that they might have. They must have a completed timeline on the www.dipity.com site this week. Starting next week they will begin to write an essay that argues if the revolution was successful or unsuccessful with supporting evidence.



The novel study continues and picks up the pace this week. The students have been working on using graphic organizers to show the sequence of events in their novel, as well as using their meta-cognitive reading strategy bookmarks to help with reading comprehension. For the next few weeks, students will have a reading lesson day 1, group discussions on the book day 2, and a writing lesson on day 3. This pattern will mean that they have assignments due on the day 2 lessons (Wednesday or Thursday).   We are moving closer to writing the essay. The students will have to choose a question to answer in the essay from a list. They should know which question they are going to answer by next week for the essay. Here is the list of question they need to be choosing from.

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