Week of Feb. 27 – March 1

Short week but lots happening. As we lead up to the Student Led Conferences next week, students have been busy with many deadlines and self reflections on what and how they have been learning. So let’s look at what has happening in the core classes.


This week was all about review for the upcoming assessment. Some students took the assessment Friday March 1st, but most will take it on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I have posted a matching game that students can do to help practice for the test. If they are able to match the flashcards using graphs and tables, they should have the skill set to do well on the assessment. Next unit will be on Pythagoras Theorem and will be a further venture into geometry. After the assessment students will also be given a new problem solving set (#6) that will be due the following week. Due dates for that set will be posted on the homework calendar when they are determined by the teacher for each block.



Students did an interesting lab where they had to find the perfect swing time of 2.8 second by adjusting the variables. The only variable that had a real affect on the swing time was the length of the chain. The reasoning why this is and why the others did not have an affect can be found below. This will be helpful in writing the conclusion of the lab. I have also added an alternative guide for helping students focus their conclusion writing. This guide will be very useful in upcoming labs. The content of their labs has become more technical and they need to be able to express their findings with data and scientific reasoning.



This week was dedicated to helping students finish their essay on the novels that they have been reading for the past month. The essay for some students was due today at 3 pm, but many others have a few more days to finish up. All the essays will be due by March 5. The next unit will be a shared concept with Social Studies and will be focused on propaganda. Students will be learning the concepts of propaganda and making posters using those concepts. More can be learned from Mr. Burke’s blog at this link.

Social Studies

In social studies students have been organized into political parties based on a survey that they completed. They must now design a platform for their party and define their stance on many different issues. To do this they must do some research on those issues. Mr. Willey has a blog entry here that covers how to go about that. Once they have done the research and decided on their platform, students will then write and give speeches to gain support for their party. It should be an enlightening experience on the political system.


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