Week of March 11-15


This week was spent learning the properties of square numbers, roots, and variables with exponents. This is to prepare students to use Pythagoras’s Theorem which is based on using square variable and roots. I have added some helpful sheets below that can be used to explain the algorithms used to simplify square roots. Next up is another basic skills assessment coming the last week before the March-April break. Check the homework calendar for the specific dates of the assessment by teacher and block.





Science was a lot of fun this week. Many hands on activities dealing with simple machines. We also had some fun doing a simple machines game on-line. Click here to play the game. Next, students must design and build their own simple machines to carry a load across different obstacles. This will be their performance task for the unit and will be quite a challenge to build the machines using everyday materials. First, they will need to make a design plan poster to explain their machines. I have included below the requirements for the poster along with a couple examples. For further information of the performance task please follow this link.



This week began with the techniques and theory behind propaganda. Students took notes on the eleven different techniques that they need to know how to use. This information will be used in the creation of propaganda posters for Social Studies. For detailed notes on those techniques follow this link. Also an explanation on the requirements for the poster can be found here.  Students need to have a clear and convincing message about their political party they created in Social Studies. The posters are due Friday of next week. Once we return from the break. English and Social Studies will begin working very closely together during the Advocating for Change Unit (AFC).

Social Studies

Students have been busy working on their political party speeches for Social Studies. The final draft of the speeches are due next week (see homework calendar for specifics on teacher and block due dates). They will need to practice giving their speech before presenting it to the class. Having a few sessions with family would be great practice! We will also have a couple chances to practice in SI class.

The next big thing on the horizon for Social Studies is the Advocating for Change Unit. This will require choosing a topic on a world issues that needs action. Then they will be completing research and writing a persuasive paper that outlines background, current status, and proposed solutions for the issue. This will be the main focus of Social Studies once we return from break until the end of the year. In SI class, we will be taking a preview of the topics to help students pick the right one.

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