Week of March 18-22

Third Quarter is officially over and Fourth Quarter began Monday. We are on the home stretch for the end of the year and things are going to happen quickly. Here is a review of what has been happening and what is coming up in the core classes.


We have spent a fair amount of time working on skills to simplify radicals in preparation for using Pythagoras Theorem.  This week we introduced the concept of the theorem and the formula for finding sides of right triangles. A sq. + B sq. = C sq. The new concept is challenging and combining equation solving with the process of simplifying square roots is a lot of skills all used at once. I have posted a practice sheet that can be used to get some extra practice below. Next week we will be taking the third basic skills test. Check the homework calendar for the exact date by teacher and block. I have also posted below a review sheet for the test. Everything on the review sheet will be seen on the test. Most students did well on everything except ratios and percents. These should be practiced before taking the test to get a high grade.




Social Studies

Time to take a deep breathe and relax for a few days before the AFC Unit begins after we return from break. This week was dedicated to students completing the final draft of their speeches and then giving the speech in front of the class. Everyone did a wonderful job completing their speeches and being brave and delivering a great speech to their peers. Next week will be a continuation of the Political Party Process where students will vote for the top selected parties. They will also be finding out the 10 topics for the AFC Unit they can choose from. The LS students will have that 10 narrowed down to just three. This is being done to better support their efforts by having only three areas of focus that the support staff can help find research and develop solutions. The AFC Unit will be a big challenge and we hope to have the right balance of support and individual inquiry for the students.


We used a lot of class time this week to complete propaganda posters and a paragraph that explained the techniques used. The poster was due at 3pm today and the posters that I have seen were very creative. Next week in English we will be looking at advertising techniques and how advertisements work on our thoughts and emotions. This unit will last approximately two weeks before we switch to supporting students writing on the AFC Unit. Expository writing will the main focus for the fourth quarter along with some reading to help balance out the demands of the writing.


Building, testing, building, testing. That has been science class for most of the week. Students were building simple machines to carry a load through different obstacles. Some classes had the performance task conclusion this week and others will be next week. Besides building their machines, students need to create a poster that outlines the design of their machine and calculates the mechanical advantage. Below is a document on the poster requirements and a photo that helps to calculate mechanical advantage. The next unit will be on Ecology and students will look at the interdependence of living things and their environment.



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