Week of April 16-20

Social Studies

AFC is in fully swing and students have a lot of research to be doing over the weekend. They are researching the first half of the research project and they will need 6-10 note cards in Noodletools by 9pm on Sunday. I have posted below a couple of templates that ask guiding questions to help them focus their research. I have placed these templates into their ACF Portfolio Folders in Google Drive also. They need to be looking at the Global Overview of their topic and their Home Country Outlook. They should have at least one note card for each subsection of those parts of the research. Each card will likely take 30-45 minutes to complete (including research time). Most of the students have completed 3-4 cards, but most of them need to be fixed by including the source in the bibliography section on Noodletools or adding an in-text citation in the paraphrase section of the note card.  Next week will continue to be research heavy and they will be looking at Causes and Solutions. Please see below for a list of research that they can use as a starting point if they are having trouble.








We are continuing to work with Pythagoras Theorem in math. They are now using the theorem in real-life applications and finding out how useful the math can be when the have their own houses! Next week will be the final week of the unit, with the assessment over the unit on Monday the 29th or Tuesday the 30th. Look on the Homework Calendar for the specific date by block and teacher. Below is a review game that they can use to help study for the assessment. The first part of the review are the questions and the second the answers to help them check. The final unit of the year will be on statistics and probability.



We have been working on an advertising campaign in English for the past week and it will be finished next Tuesday the 23rd. Students will be turning in a poster with a product that they picked to change the target audience for and adapted its logo and slogan to a new target audience. An example might be to changing Nike’s “Just do it” to a new audience for older adults who want comfortable shoes to stroll in a park. The new slogan might be “Just do it slowly”. The have been assigned partners and my need to get together with them over the weekend or after school Monday to finish the poster. Next week in English students will begin their AFC research project to demonstrate what they learned in the research from Social Studies. More details on that to come next week!


This week in science, student are constructing a Eco-Column. You may have noticed missing plastic bottles from your house, or your child asking you to buy large bottles of soda-pop for “school”.  They have transformed the bottles into an enclosed mini ecosystem that they will be observing and taking notes on how it changes over time. This should be an interesting investigation for them as it continues into next week.


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