Week of April 22-26

Social Studies

The research part of the AFC unit is coming to a close soon. By the beginning of next week all students need to have at least 14 note cards for the different areas of their topic. (see choice board for areas). The students will be given more time to develop their cards further. They need to have a source properly filled out in Noodletools bibliography section for the card(s). They must have a paraphrase of the information they are using. They need to have a sentence or two in the My Ideas section of each cards that tells why the information is important to the research question(s). Finally, they need to have each card placed in the outline where it belongs (what it is answering). This is a very time consuming process and will be important to use in the AFC project (see choice board).


The students will not be required to do a research paper in AFC. They will have a choice on how they demonstrate what they learned in their research. Below is the choice board of projects they can choose. Students must show an understanding of each of the subsections in whatever project that they choose. The subsections are listed below the board grid. Students should choose wisely something that is their strength to produce. They will have class time in English to work on the project for the next two weeks. The final project is due May 9th. I have posted all of the due dates on the homework calendar and as a document on my blog. Things are starting to move much faster now!



Students have built their Eco-columns and are now doing observations on them in classes. They need to make a diagram of the Eco-column and keep a data table on the different measurements they are responsible for. They will then take that data and analyze it later in the unit. Students in charge of the terrestrial column need to water their plants every day, not just class periods. Students can go here to get the data table forms and print them to use in collecting their data. Having organized data will be essential when it comes to analyzing it later.


Warning! Test on Pythagoras Theorem Monday and Tuesday next week. We have spent this week reviewing the concepts and doing a performance task using the theorem. Below is a review sheet that covers all of the concepts on the test. Students should practice the concepts to be ready for the test. After the test students will be given a new Problem Solving Set #7. This will be the last problem solving set before the year ends. We will move into probability and statistics next week to finish the year.

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