Week of April 29 – May 3


This week began with a test on Pythagoras Theorem. The test was very hard for many students and teachers may give an opportunity to make corrections for half credit. Encourage your child to take them up on that offer if presented. We have now began with probability and will work on probability and statistics to end the year. After the test students were given the Problem Solving #7 to work on. This will be due next week on Wednesday or Thursday depending on teacher and block. Check the homework calendar for details. These last five weeks of school will go very quickly and keeping track of due dates is very important.

Social Studies / English

These two classes are essentially the same this week and next. Students will be given both classes to work on their research projects until May 9th. Even though both periods will be given to helping support completion of the project, it will be important that students continue to work on the projects at home. These projects can be very time consuming and I am tell students that they will still need to dedicate at least one hour to the project each evening until the due date of May 9th. After the project is due, they move into writing a five paragraph persuasive essay. This again will be time consuming and they will be given class time in both Social Studies and English to complete. I have posted the graphic organizer for the essay below for reference. They will not begin this essay until the end of next week.



In Science class, students spend the first 20 minutes recording observations about their Eco-column into a data table and then writing a journal about what they are seeing and why they think it is happening.  They will then later take this data and analyze it to draw conclusions about what they observed. Furthermore, they have been taking a photo each day, which will be put into a video presentation. This will be the final performance task in Science for the year. In two weeks they will have a quiz on the information that they are learning during class on ecology. Students should review the PowerPoints and videos here to help study for the quiz.

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