Week of Aug. 26 – 30

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year. We are off to a fast start and classes are assigning homework on a daily basis. Students should have homework to complete each night with very few nights where there is nothing to do. Always check the homework calendar to see what is coming up next. Homework is posted on the day it is due, so be looking at least a day ahead for what they need to be doing. Many assignments are given a few days before being due and need to be worked on a little each night. Let’s look at what is happening in the core classes.


This week in English students have been reading a short story called “Charles”. The purpose of the reading is to have students practice the Metacognitive Reading Strategies (See below PowerPoint). They are learning how to use the strategies to develop a deeper understanding of how and why they read. They are also learning about the different elements of a story. Next week this will lead into them writing their own stories based on memories from their past. They will also begin to learn literary terms that will be used throughout the unit. Below is a worksheet that lists the literary terms they will need to know.




In Math students have been learning about order of operations, absolute value, evaluating equations, distributive property, and simplifying. These skills are part of the Algebra Reasoning Unit. There will be a quiz of these skills the week of Sept. 10-14. Please check the homework calendar for the exact date by your child’s block and teacher. Next week we will continue to practice and learn the concepts to help prepare them for the quiz. We will also be mixing in a review of basic skills to help with computations. Below are the notes on Part 1 and 2 of the unit. They will only need to know the concepts from Part 1 for the quiz.



In science students have been examining the digestive system and learning about the structures, behaviors, and functions. Depending on which class, students have or will be creating a flow chart that depicts all of the structures, behaviors, and functions of the digestive system. For those in Dr. Lacson’s class this flow chart will be due on Tuesday of next week. In both Dr. Lacson’s and Mr. Pasamba’s classes, there will be a quiz on the digestive system next week. See the homework calendar for the dates. To help prepare them for the quiz, I have given a PowerPoint below for them to review the concepts.


Social Studies

Social studies class has been working on developing the skills they are going to need throughout the year in reading and critical thinking about global issues. Students have been learning to do Interactive Reading (which is very similar to the Metacognitive Reading Strategies in English) to help them understand what they are reading on a deeper level. I have given the PowerPoint on Interactive Reading below for review. Next week student will be using these skills as they start doing their weekly Read and Respond assignments. In the Read and Responds they will have to find an article on a current event that relates to social studies. They will read that article and provide a summary of what it is about. They will then have to develop critical thinking questions based on that article. The teachers will be taking them through a step-by-step process on the first couple  Read and Responds. In addition, students have been practicing map skills and have completed a map of the world with the major regions, land forms, and countries for the upcoming studies. The main focus of this unit will center on the United Nations. They will be looking at how the UN operates and how the different organs of the organization function.