Week of Dec. 2 – 6


This week in math classes, our time was spent on reviewing the geometry unit concepts for the upcoming assessment. The geometry assessment will be Monday for Mr. Drayton and Wednesday for Ms. Naggea. The problem solving #4 will be due for both teachers on Monday Dec. 16th. There will also be a basic skills assessment either Friday Dec. 13th or Monday Dec. 16th depending on class and teacher. Check the homework calendar for the date.   Below are practice materials for the assessments. For the geometry practice, please ignore the third problem on the top row.



Social Studies

The majority of research and homework is finished in social studies this semester. Next week is all about the Model United Nations conference. Students need to be fully engaged and asking questions as almost half of their points for the performance task come from their participation in the conference. I have provided the scoring rubric below for students to refer to for the skills being assessed during the conference.



In English this week students handed in their final drafts of the poem essay and are now spending time looking at transformative poetry with an emphasis on protest poems and songs. Next week students will continue to look at the tranformative properties of poetry and lyrics. They will be adding to their scrapbooks as they examine the poetry. The scrapbooks will be the final performance task students will be completing before the end of the semester.


Dr. Lacson has delayed the performance task for this unit until after the break. He felt it was better to relieve some pressure from the end of the semester crush.  Next week he will be doing demonstration labs on the concepts used in the performance task. He will demo the cooking techniques and explain the chemical and physical changes that they will need to complete and explain in the performance task when they return from break.

Mr. Pasamba is finishing up with physical changes and will be having a quiz on the concept Wednesday of next week. Students will be making a mind map as part of their reviewing technique. I have provided a slide from his blog that has the concepts and vocabulary that students should know for the quiz.




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