Week of Dec. 9 – 13

As my cross country coach used to say, “The hay is in the barn!” which means that all the hard work is over and now is time to reap the rewards of the efforts. This week was a tough one with many assignments and assessments stacked on top of each other. Well, now we have that behind us and it is time to relax and enjoy our holiday break.


There is still a large assignment due on Monday for students in all math classes. Problem solving #4 needs to have at least 4 problems worked out with full explanations for a proficient grade, or all 6 problems for exemplary. In Ms. Naggea’s class there is still another assessment on Monday over basic skills. I posted a review sheet on last weeks newsletter that covers all the material being assessed. When we return, students will begin with graphing and functions.


Scrapbooks are being turned in Friday this week and Monday of next week (depending on class). The requirements are posted below. We have now finished our poetry unit and will begin with a novel study after we return from break.

Transformation Poetry Notebook

Social Studies

This week will conclude the Model United Nations conference as students debate and vote on a final resolution for their issue. Next semester, students will begin to examine the theme of power. This will lead them into studying the People Power Revolution of the Philippines.


In Dr. Lacson’s class students have been watching demonstrations of the up coming performance task. The performance task will take place directly after return from the holiday break on Tuesday Jan. 7th, 2014.

In Mr. Pasamba’s class students have just finished up physical changes with a quiz over the content and will begin learning chemical changes when we return. The performance task will follow after the students have finished learning about chemical changes.

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