Week of Feb. 26 – 28


Good news for those still working on their essays, the due date has been changed to Monday March 3rd for Mr. Burke’s class and Tuesday March 4th for Ms. Shull’s class. Next week students will continue with reading their second novel and then begin with a unit on propaganda. We will look at different propaganda techniques and focus on the use of persuasive language. The performance task for the next unit will be a propaganda poster using some of the techniques learned with persuasive language.


This week we had the part one functions unit assessment. Students also had a performance task to complete that was due Friday, but both Ms. Naggea and Mr. Drayton have changed the due date to Monday March 3rd. The task is time intensive and a bit confusing for most students. I have spent some time in SI class helping students, but if they need more assistance. They can ask for an extension and I can work on this with them more during tutorials or after school. Next week is a continuation of the functions unit, but we will now be focusing on the algebraic aspects of linear equations. specifically y=mx+b.

Social Studies

Students have now had this week to begin their People Power Revolution essays and most classes have written their introduction paragraph. I posted a graphic organizer last week to help structure their writing and below is an example of what an introduction and body paragraph should look like using the organizer. I have also put a full sample paper into students’ Google Drive. Also, Ms. Shull has a PowerPoint that helps students use persuasive language in their writing here. We will be giving time next week in SI class to help with the writing and students can use tutorials or after school for extra support. The essay may be due as soon as Friday March 7th. Check the homework calendar for exact dates.





Mr. Pasamba’s class are finishing up their typed lab reports today and they are due in Google Feb. 28th. If students need more time, they can ask for an extension. They are now using the formulas for calculating potential and kinetic energy learned this week on exercises next week. There will be a quiz over how to use the formulas on Friday March 7th. Bring your calculator next week!

Dr. Lacson has been using class time to practice for a performance task next week. Students have had a chance to build pulley systems 1-5, each one progressively harder to setup. They will then have to use their formula on calculating mechanical advantage for each system. Bring your calculator next week!

Week of Feb. 17 – 21


In English this week, the second book for this unit has been given out and students will have their first meeting on Wednesday of next week. For the second book the focus will be on the theme of “power”. Students will be using the meta-cognitive reading strategies to examine the book and explore this theme.
We are now deep into the expository essay writing. Students are analyzing their first book by answering a question from the choice-board given out a few weeks ago. At this point they should have their thesis, topic sentences, and at least two rough draft body paragraphs finished. This essay will be due Thursday Feb. 27th or Friday Feb. 28th of next week depending on block. This is a time intensive essay, as they have to spend time finding quotes from their book that support the thesis. We have spent time in SI class working one-on-one to ensure that the students have at least one quality body paragraph. They are also working on the essay using a graphic organizer posted earlier and re-posted below.
This week in math has been all about reviewing the concepts and preparing for the assessment next week on Thursday the 27th or Friday the 28th. depending on block and teacher. I have posted below some review materials for the assessment.
Students also are doing a performance task that will be due the same day as the assessment. This task is to make a graph that allows an individual to solve a mystery. I have posted the task description below.
Review Materials
Performance Task Description
Social Studies
Social studies is doing an essay on the People Power Revolution. They spent this week working on gathering their evidence to support their opinion on whether or not the revolution was a success or failure. In SI class we are steering them to the conclusion it was a failure based on evidence in the areas of human rights, corruption, and economy. A sample thesis statement might be: The People Power Revolution was a tremendous achievement for the common Philippine citizen, but ultimately was a failure because it did not improve human rights issues, reduce corruption, and stabilize the economy.    
The essay will be due sometime end of next week, or beginning of week after. The two essays in English and social studies are due very close to each other and possibly on the same day. It will be very important that students are working on these over the long weekend. Remember that if they need extended time, this is an accommodation they can take advantage of, they just need to ask their teacher or myself ahead of the due date. 
Below are helpful resources for them to use when writing the essay. The first is a graphic organizer that they can use to help with structure. The second is evidence that they can use in their body paragraphs. The third is a persuasive language chart that has phrases to help strengthen their stance.
In Mr. Pasamba’s class, students are learning about work, energy, mass and force. Below are videos that help with these concepts. Students completed a lab on work this week. Below are a graphic organizers that can be used to complete the lab report. The final report will be due in a Google doc Friday Feb. 28th.
Next week they will be introduced to kinetic and potential energy. They will also learn how to calculate those using formulas.
Energy Calculations
In Dr. Lacson’s class, the students this week reviewed the formulas for calculating force, work, power and energy. They had a quiz Friday assessing their ability to understand the formulas and use them to make accurate calculations. Next week the students will be doing a lab building pulley systems to increase mechanical advantage (MA) and then calculating the amount in which the pulleys increase  MA.