Week of Oct. 13 – 17


This week was spent preparing students for their assessment. Students take the assessment Thursday or Friday. I previously posted review materials here. We also took the MAP math assessment this week. Scores on that assessment will be delivered home in the next few weeks through advisory classes. Next week we will do a performance task using scientific notation to create interesting infographics about fascinating facts. Students can visit  these two sites Visual.ly and Information is Beautiful to get inspired. They will be creating their infographic on paper, but for those that would rather use technology, there are a couple websites they can use to create their infographics. Easel.ly and Piktochart are sites that offer limited infographic creation tools for free. The free options are more than enough to complete the performance task.


We started the week with students changing paragraphs into poetry by using line breaks and removing words that do not enhance emotion. They have continued with this process of changing prose texts to poems by looking at line breaks, stanza, rhythm, and word choice. They will be taking a paragraph from their memoir at the end of the week and changing it into a poem using this technique. Next week we will be introducing them to transformational poets that had a large impact on society. Examples would be Maya Angelou, Langston Hughs, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost. They will pick a poet that speaks to them and then will research their impact on society.


This week students did an investigation on respiration and the production of carbon-dioxide. This was a fun lab that students will now have to complete an individual write-up to summarize their findings using the data they collected. We will introduce the final performance task for the unit this week and you can find the task explanation below. They will have all of next week to complete their research and build their model. Once we come back from Halloween break, students will present their models and explain how the disorder is represented in their model and what impacts it has on the system.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/10/Final-2014PerformanceTask-SystemDisorders.pdf”]

Social Studies

Students have a read and respond assignment that is due this week Oct. 17th by 10pm in their Google Doc. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete their work. They have also spent time preparing for the UN reading assessment next week. They will have the assessment on Oct. 23rd. On the assessment students will have to answer multiple choice questions, short answer comprehension questions, and then they will need to create/use analysis and synthesis questions from the reading to answer. They will be graded on the quality of the questions they created and how they answer their own question. This will be a difficult task for many of our students, and I will spend time on Monday and Wednesday in SI class to help students generate questions.

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