Week of Nov. 24 – 28

Social Studies

This week was a very busy one for social studies. Students needed to complete a total of 10 notecards from researching their assigned countries stance on nuclear disarmament. They then had to use that research to write a policy statement for their country along with three operative clauses for action during the MUN conference that will begin this week and carry over until next. Time was given in class to complete a lot of these requirements, but most students needed to work outside of school of these assignments. Below is a template for a general guide in writing the policy statements. Most policy statements were due Thursday, but a few classes still have until Friday morning to complete. I am also posting example statements below to refer to so students have a good idea of what the finished statement looks like. Next week will be all about the Model United Nations Conference. Students will read their policy statements and submit their operative clauses for debate. This conference will be the final assessment of the semester. Students will be given a grade on their participation and talking points during the conference.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Policy-Statement-Template.docx”]

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/SamplePolicyStatementsNuclear2013.pdf”]


In math class this week, we worked on our hubcap design project and began to review for the assessment on transformations. The hubcap design is due for all students no later than Friday Nov. 28! Even if students are not finished, they should turn in the partially completed design to their math class student Google folder. On the assessment next week students will need to be able to recognize each of the four transformations (translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation) and be able to quantify what happens during each transformation. They will also have to perform these transformations on a four quadrant graph. The assessment will be the first block they have math class next week (Monday or Tuesday). I have posted below some review materials from Ms. Naggea and Ms. Chung for students to practice with at home. Next week students will begin with an in depth look at similarities and congruence that will then lead to working with triangles and Pythagoras Theorem.

Ms. Naggea review materials:

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Transformations-review-practice-questions.pdf”]

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Transformations-practice-question.pdf”]

Ms. Chung review materials:

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Alltransformations1.docx.pdf”]

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Alltransformations1answers.docx.pdf”]


This week has been dedicated to supporting students with working on their poem analysis essay.  They have been given opportunities to get teacher and peer feedback on their ideas and writing. The essays will be due on Monday Dec. 1. They will turn this in by having it in their English student Google folder. I have included below the template that students can use to pattern their essay writing. Next week they will spend the remainder of the semester working on their poetry scrapbooks. The requirements for the scrapbook are posted below in a “brain frame” format. Scrapbooks are due Dec. 8th or 9th depending on block.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Task2PoemAnalysisEssayScaffoldedTemplate.docx”]

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/Copy-of-Transformation-Poetry-Notebook.pdf”]


Science has been focused on physical changes for the past couple weeks, and this week we concluded with our exploration of physical changes. Many of the activities focused on states of matter and why these changes take place. Students completed a lab on the state changes of water and looked at the reasons that temperature does not increase during a state change. I have included the main ideas of these state changes below. Next we will be exploring chemical changes and looking for evidence that a chemical change has taken place. The first lab will be about endothermic and exothermic reactions. Students will be given a grade during the lab on their practical skills in using proper lab techniques and ability to analyze the data that is recorded. I have also added the lab write up below for an idea of the skills they will need to use.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/4.-Main-Ideas-Physical-change-labs.pdf”]

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2014/11/CHEM_LAB_PRACTICAL2014.docx.docx”]

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