Week of Feb. 23 – 27


This week in English was all about writing the Cornerstone Essay analyzing the novel they read for literature discussion groups. They spent the first block planning and writing the essay and the second block writing and revising the essay. The essay will be a large part of their grade for this quarter and students have been working hard to prepare for the essay. Next week we will continue with the literature discussions of their second novel and also complete the MAP assessments in reading and language.


In math students spent the week preparing and studying for the geometry unit assessment. They are taking the assessment on Thursday or Friday of this week. This will conclude the geometry unit and next week will begin the new unit on algebra and functions. The math classes will also be doing the MAP math assessment at the beginning of the week. Also a reminder, students have a performance task due Monday or Tuesday of next week. Posted below are review materials for the assessment this week.


[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/02/TestReview-AnglesSimilarity.pdf”]


[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/02/TestReview-AnglesSimilarityAnswers.pdf”]

Social Studies

The highlight of the week in social studies was a visit from former President Ramos who was a key figure in the People Power Revolution. Students were able to hear him speak about the revolution and ask questions they had about his role in the revolution.  Students are also creating their political parties this week and will be working on their platform for the upcoming election. This is always a fun part of the unit and students enjoy the political experiences of running for election. There has been a break from the read and responds over the past few weeks, but the next one is due this Friday evening.


Students in science have been learning about kinetic and potential energy and have completed a lab this week about the conversion between the two forms of energy. The lab involved using a pendulum and isolating the independent variables of mass, length, and angle to see their impact on the speed of the swing. They will have learned that only the length of the pendulum impacts the swing speed. Next week, students are taking their first quiz on the new unit. It will be on how to calculate kinetic and potential energy. I have posted below some review materials to practice making the calculations.


[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/02/3-Potential-and-Kinetic-Energy-WS-3.docx”]


[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/02/3-Answer-Key-Potential-and-Kinetic-Energy-Worksheet-3.docx”]

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