Week of May 11 – 15


We are in the home stretch for English assignments. This Friday the Choice Board products are due by the end of the day. Students must turn those into their adviser for the topic group, which for most students is either myself or Mr. Jhay. If they chose to complete a letter to a leader, those need to be printed and turned in digitally for grading. Next week will be the final assignment of AFC for English; writing a speech called “This I Believe” in which students communicate what they have learned and make a personal statement of what they will change in their lives to improve their issue. This will be due Monday May 25 and presented to their classmates.

Social Studies

Students have been given time in social studies to complete their Choice Board assignments. Once they have turned those in at the end of this week, students will begin to practice the MUN procedures all of next week with a mock conference called “Advocating for Fun”. For the final week of social studies students will be preparing their note cards that they will need for the AFC conference on Thursday May 28. All parents are invited to come and look at the products in the library on that day and to observe their child while the conference is happening.


This week the final assignment was due first period with students turning in their “Who Done It?” mystery graph and story. These all must be turned in by Friday morning or they will receive a grade of 0 for the project! The due date has been extended two times now for students and can no longer be extended. For the remainder of math classes the students are working on probability. They will be using a dice game called SKUNK to track the different combinations of dice rolls and find the probability of different roll combinations, then see how those compare to the actual game rolls of the dice. It should be a fun way to finish the year and still learn.


It was a sad week in science as students did their final observations of their ecology columns. They had to disassemble them and compost their plants along with saying goodbye to their fish. We found interesting one-celled organisms in the water by looking at a sample through the microscope. Students will now be making final revisions to their journals and turning their data collected into graphs. Their journals and graphs are due the end of this week. Next week they will be making a  group video journal of their e-column with the pictures they took and voice overs from their journal entries. The videos will be presented to class by the end of next week, probably carrying over into the last week of classes.

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