Week of August 24, 2015

Open House

Thanks for coming to the Open House.  It was nice meeting you.  See you again next month as we meet for the LS goals.  For those who missed my presentation here it is!


Your child is reviewing the Metacognitive Reading Strategies 2015 and they are using this on the story, “The Glass Castle.”  Quiz on the Metacognitive Reading Strategies next week.  They will read a story and use the strategies to deepen their understanding of the said story.

Your child has to read the story, “Just Lather, That’s all” from their drive.  Any version will do.

They are also writing small moments in the Writer’s Workshop.  They have to write 3-5 events in their life that they can write about.  This will prepare them for writing memoirs.

Literary terms are being discussed as well.  Here’s a quizlet on that.They should add known terms in the Literary Terms 2015 in their google drive.

Social Studies

Your child has been introduced to the Levels of Questioning. Quiz coming up on the week of September 7 on this as well as on  Interactive-Reading. They have to identify the kinds of questions and come up with their own questions as they read an article.


Quiz coming up next week on Rational and Irrational Numbers. Ms. Kathryn Deveza made this practice test.  Ms. Naggea also made this practice test.

In addition to the videos that I shared last week, I’m adding this one.



Make sure to visit Mr. Pasamba’s blog.  Your child is expected to finish the Digestive System Chart. This digestion notes can be used as reference.

Week of August 17, 2015


This week your child learned about story elements:  character, plot, and conflicts. They read the story “Charles” and “Eleven” and examined the story elements.  As with all of the short story reading this quarter, students are expected to complete a tracker worksheet that uses the reading strategies to deepen understanding and serves as a discussion starter for their lit groups.


Ask your child about what they did in the classroom to learn about the Digestive System! Due next week is their Conceptual Model.  Make sure to visit Mr. Pasamba’s blog every week.


Your child is learning about Rational and Irrational Numbers.




Social Studies

Your child is working on summarizing skills, paraphrasing skills, and understanding when those can become plagiarism. They have also learned how to do interactive reading that involves different levels of questions.

Summarizing Introduction – Activity


Every week they have to watch CNN student news on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and choose 1 story that they have enjoyed and summarize it on their Read and Respond 2015 template. Your child needs to bring A4 96 pages next meeting.  They will use this for Cornell notes.



There are tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30-3:00pm.  These are important times to catch up and ask clarifying questions about homework.  If your child does not attend the tutorial that is suggested to them, you will get an email from me.  Let’s continue to work together to help your child succeed.