Week of September 28

Demystification of LD

Students have been learning about Learning Differences in Strategy Instruction class through reading Mel Levine’s book, All Kinds of Minds.

They have also been watching videos about Learning Differences.  One is about famous people who have Learning Disabilities and the other is about Steven Spielberg talking about his Dyslexia for the first time.




Strategies for taking multiple choice tests and reading (SQ3R) have been taught this week.

MAP testing is upon us.  Math on October 5-6; Reading on October 7-8; and Language on October 12-13.  The students do not really have to review anything. They just have to make sure that they sleep and wake up on time, and eat a good breakfast. MAP tests are not timed and is just one snapshot of a student’s performance.

If you want some practice tests, here’s a good website to visit.  This one offers more practice tests. Reading test sample. Language test sample. Math test sample.

Tips on taking Multiple Choice Tests.  Parent Toolkit, A Guide to NWEA Assessments.


Students have continued working on their memoirs, which are due next week.  Reading Carnival will be on October 6.  This is an opportunity for them to share their written work with peers to celebrate their writing.  Students are reminded to turn in their Journal every Friday.  Check Google Classroom every Wednesday.

Social Studies

Students have been reading the United Nations packet and they have been using A.nnotate.com for their interactive reading.

For R&R #7, students must use the UN News Centre website and choose one article. All elements of interactive reading must be completed including the following:
– Selective highlighting
– Recognition of unknown words
– The addition of Knowledge,Comprehension,Wonder, Closed Evaluation and Open    Evaluation questions
– CNN student news summary (MondayThursday)
– UN News summary must be submitted using Turnitin. 
– To be completed before 5pm on Friday.
Important:  Just answer the Wonder Question and cite your source using easybib.
Here’s a guide to help the students with the Read and Respond and A.nnotate.com color coded tags.
 Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.22.59 PM



Students have dissected a pig and a cow’s heart and they have continued to learn about the circulatory system.


Lesson on scientific notation started this week.  Here’s a study note and practice sheet from Ms. Deveza.




Week of September 21


Another short week!  Students have been very busy working on their memoirs, which are due on October 5 or 6 depending on their block.  See last week’s post re memoirs and what needs to be included.

Social Studies

In social studies students have been looking at the M.A.I.N. reasons that led to the first world war (see last week’s post). The acronym stands for: Militarism, Alliances, Industrialization/Imperialism, and Nationalism. From this they looked at the end results of WWI and how that led to The League of Nations being formed, then failing as a result of WWII. Some of the students have begun to read about the challenges and changes surrounding the operation of the United Nations. They will be using their interactive reading skills to read the beginning of the packet that will serve as their text for this unit. See last week’s post re differentiated reading of that packet. They will upload these to A.nnotate.com and use that site to make notations for the interactive reading skills and come up with the levels of questions.

This is the original UN packet.

Quizlet on UN.

See last week’s post re videos on the United Nations.


Assessment done this week.  Students have moved on to the circulatory system and they built a model heart.  Next week they will do heart dissection of a pig or cow!


In math students have been working with exponents and variables. Students have been multiplying, dividing, and using exponents to an exponent to explore the properties of variables with exponents. Next week they will work on scientific notation and begin to perform operations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) with scientific notation.



Week of September 14

This is a short week as we have Classroom Without Walls tomorrow.  I hope that your child is excited for this event.


Your child is continuing to work on their memoir, which is due on Oct. 5-6 depending on their block.  The memoir should have a balance of the four Structures of Writing. The structures of writing should help move the story forward.  Ask your child for a copy of the memoir performance task and rubric in their google folders. Right now they should have the three scenes with titles.  The important thing about memoir is that it is not just a re-telling of events.  The events should have a point and should lead to a change in you as a person.

Social Studies

Your child is going to learn how WWI ended and why League of Nations failed, which led to WWII.



League of Nations

Watch this to give you a background about the United Nations.

It is important for your child to read this UN packet to learn about the United Nations system.


Final assessment is due next week: model of the digestive system using another system. They have to work on this in the classroom.


Your child learned about exponents.  Short quiz next week.

Here’s a practice test that Ms. Deveza made.

Week of September 7

Please sign up on a date when we can meet together with your child to talk about the Learning Support Plan for this year.  Sign up here.


This week your child learned more writing strategies to be applied in their small moments.  Here’s one example.


They will build their small moments into a memoir, which will be due on the week of Oct. 5-6 depending on their block.  Please see the homework calendar. They will need a  printed copy on Oct. 9 during the Reading Carnival at the Little Theater. Your child has the memoir performance task and the rubric in their google shared resources. Here’s an example of a memoir.

Structures of writing can help as a guide in writing small moments and memoir.


Your child has to complete the Lesson Guide #7 by Monday and then they will start working on their performance assessment task, which is to create a MODEL  of the digestive system using another system. The model must represent digestion as a system complete with the following components: Function, Structure, Behavior, Interconnection, and Changes. Your child has the memoir performance task and the rubric in their google shared resources.

Social Studies

Your child continued to learn about World War I.  There will be no quiz on this, but it is important that they have this background information to know about how United Nations was created. Please refer to last week’s videos on WWI.



Your child can read this UN packet in advance.


The lesson is still on exponents and here’s a website for practice. Username and password is ismanila.  After exponents, the next lesson is on scientific notation.

Week of August 31


This week adding sensory details was discussed, and here’s a video that your child can watch.


Next week, we will work on writing memoirs. Here is an example of a Memoir.

Social Studies

We continued applying interactive reading.  Quiz on this next week.  Then we will go into the causes of World War I and why the United Nations was created.

Changes and Challenges (WWI)

BrainPop World War I

Causes of World War I

Videos on each of the causes of World War I below:







We continued to learn about the digestive system. Next week we will make analogies: the school system and the digestive system.



This week we had a quiz on rational and irrational numbers.  Lesson next week on Exponents.