Week of January 11


The students have now selected the novels that they will read this quarter and are in groups based on their selections. As they read their books, students will fill out prep sheets that will be used to help facilitate conversations on the reading. Please see the calendar for the book club dates. Once they have finished their reading and discussions, students will be writing an essay on their books. Below are the topic choices they will have on writing the essay. Knowing what they are going to write about will help guide their discussions and give more time to gather evidence from the reading to support their essay. It is important that they use post-it notes for the evidence that they will need to support their thesis.  This will save them time on the day they write their essay.


Social Studies

This week students finished working on their analogy of a revolution poster. They then did a brief review of the history of the Philippines that led up to the People Power Revolution. Next week, they will begin making a map of metro Manila and watch some introduction videos about Cory Aquino and Imelda Marcos. These videos will serve as a starting point for the next series of videos called Lakas Sambayanan.

The Lakas Sambayanan  videos give a detailed account of the events surrounding the People Power Revolution and the people involved. The video is split into ten minute chunks that students will watch and take notes. The videos can be hard to follow and are in Filipino with English subtitles.

Here are the first two videos if you want to watch ahead.




This week students continued to explore Chemical Changes. They completed lab demos to find evidences of a chemical reaction. They practiced making qualitative and quantitative observations. Below is a visual guide for the words that they have to use in writing their observations:


The final performance task will begin next week as students prepare a breakfast and have to identify all of the physical and chemical changes that take place during the preparations. Below are videos that show physical and chemical changes in the kitchen.




The students learned about the Pythagorean Theorem and how it applies to finding the length of triangle sides.


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