Week of January 18


The students have been introduced to the EmPOWER strategy in writing.  This will help them in planning, organizing, revising, and editing their writing.  Click on the picture below to enlarge.



Students are halfway through their novels, and are learning about the choices on the choice board like tone, mood, and style.  I encourage the students to choose character or theme as their topic. In writing the essay, they will use the Thesis and PEEL strategy.  They will write their essay in class on the week of February 8 before they go to CWW.

Social Studies

The students have started watching Lakas Sambayanan videos that give a detailed account of the events surrounding the People Power Revolution and the people involved. Here’s a link to Bill Laulo’s post on those videos last year including the notes that will help the students.

As they learn about People Power, the students add the places to their map and timelines. They will use these information to create a Fakebook.

Here are the two videos that they will watch next week.  They might have time to watch the other videos as well.  Check the link for all the videos.




This week the students continued on their lab work on chemical changes. Next week, they will have to perform lab experiment with partners and write individual write-up explaining all of the physical and chemical changes that took place in the lab. Students are reminded to use the third person point of view when writing lab reports.  Some of them are still using “I” in their sentences. After the practical test comes the performance task, which is about the science of cooking.


Students have been exploring this week how the Pythagorean Theorem came about and why A-squared + B-squared = C-squared. They have now been introduced to the equation and will be using it to find the different lengths of sides on a right triangle. They also learned about similarity of triangles.  Students next week will begin to work with word problems involving the use of the theorem and then we will be preparing for the geometry unit assessment.

The Pythagorean Theorem classnotes

Similar Triangles





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