Week of January 25


The students have continued to learn about the EmPOWER method of writing. It is expected that they will apply the strategy in writing their essays on the week of February 8. They are to write an expository essay on a question they picked earlier on the choice board. Most students are looking at the changes that happened to the main character or the theme of the novel. Strategy Instruction students have been using this organizer to help them in writing the essay.  It is important that they provide the evidence of their thesis statement by quoting from the book. Here is the Thesis Statement and PEEL strategy presentation once again.  This will be reviewed next week in their English classes.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 have continued to watch the Lakas Sambayanan videos and they have updated their maps and timelines.  There will be a quiz on the events, people, and places important to the People Power Revolution.  After that, they will be working on the Fakebook of their choice (Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos, or Ninoy Aquino).


The students have continued to work in the lab with more independence.  From a small group of four, they have now been working with a partner and relying less and less on the teacher as they read and follow the directions on their own.  Next week, they will be graded as they perform an experiment with their partner.  After that, they will write the results and discussion individually.  They are expected to use the third person in writing their scientific reports with quantitative and qualitative data.

Gr. 8 have also designed an experiment to prove the Law of Conservation of Mass. Here’s a crash course on that law.



Pythagorean Theorem has continued to be the topic this week and they have started to apply it to actual problems. They will have a test on Geometry soon and here are some notes from Ms. Kathryn Deveza.  The students are encouraged to attend tutorials as Ms. Naggea is back.



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