Week of May 23


This week was spent on writing This I Believe manifesto, which is due Friday at 3 pm through Google Classroom. They also practiced public speaking.

Next week, Gr. 8 will deliver the speech in class. See below for the rubric.

This I Believe rubric

Social Studies

This week the students worked on their operative clauses and they participated in a mock AFC called AFF (Advocating for Fun). Dress code for AFC was also discussed. For the final week students will be preparing what they need for the actual AFC conference  on Thursday June 2. All parents are invited to come and look at the products on that day and to observe their child while the conference is happening.

The students have to print the note cards that they need for the AFC Summit.  Laptops will not be allowed. Media Center will be closed, so they have to go to their Social Studies teacher to print.  Printing will not be allowed on the day of the AFC Summit.


In Science, the students completed their final performance task, Rescue Machines. Presentation is due today in Science class.  They can submit until 5 pm, but they will not get a 7 in Learning Habits.

Students will have the group test next week. They had a test run today.

Rescue machine test run


This week the students finished their last unit test on Statistics and Probability.

Week of May 16

English and Social Studies

This week, Gr. 8 students have been working on their choice board.  All the written part of their choice board is due through turnitin on Friday, May 20 at 3 pm.

Next week, they will be working on their This I Believe speech, which is due next Friday, May 27 in their English class.  They will deliver this speech in their English classes on May 30-31 and during the AFC Summit on June 2. This is the writing guideline and the rubric.  Here is an example of that speech.

Next week in Social Studies, the students will do a mock AFC Summit called AFF (Advocating for Fun).  They will create a quick policy statement and two clauses in preparation for AFC.  In AFC though, their policy statement is the I Believe speech.


This week has been very busy and messy (!) for Gr. 8 in Science as they built their simple machines.

Rescue machines

Next week is performance task time.  They should take note of the checklist below:

Rescue Machine Checklist

Here is an example of a visual presentation that was done last year.  This year is slightly different.

Rescue machine presentation


Gr. 8 have continued learning about correlation (see last week’s post) and relative frequencies. They can watch this video to review.

Next week, they will have the unit test.  Here is a practice test from Ms. Deveza and here is a sample test and solution from Ms. Naggea.

Week of May 9

English and Social Studies

Gr. 8 have now finished their AFC research.  Their last note cards are due by Friday, May 13 at 9 pm. Next week they will start working on their Choice Board project.  Please refer to last week’s post for the choices and the rubric.  Whatever choice they make they need to have all their citations arranged alphabetically, which they can easily do on easybib.  On Thursday, during AFC tutorials they need to submit the rubric to their advisers for grading. Choice Board projects are due next Friday, May 20 at 3 pm through turnitin. The templates for the choice board can be found here.

In English next week, they will write a persuasive paragraph for AFC called the “rationale”. In this paragraph, students are giving the best solution that they found from researching to help improve their issue and answer their research question. Here is a rationale template with sentence starters.


The students have finished their assessment on simple machines.  They have now also been introduced to their last performance task.  For this task, they need to apply their knowledge on simple machines and mechanical advantage.  They also have to be very patient because their ideas may not work well at first.  Perseverance is key in this unit.


This week the students have continued to learn about statistics and probability.  The important part of this unit is the analysis of data.  Given real life data like this below (which is an example of data that they encounter in their AFC research)

Philippines data

they should be able to answer these questions.

Questions data

To describe correlation:

Describing correlation

Here are the class notes on correlation.  They will continue working on this next week: working on identifying strength and types of correlation and drawing lines of best whilst comparing lines of best fit. Then they will look at relative frequency, before reviewing for the end of unit test.


Week of May 2

English and Social Studies

Students are now on the third week of their AFC research.  Note cards and showing relationship brain frame are due today at 9 p.m.  Please see last week’s post regarding this.

Next week, they will research on their OWN solutions to advocate for change.  Note cards and showing relationship brain frame for this will be due next Friday, May 13 at 9 pm.

My solution bf


Choice Boards, which are due on May 20 at 3 pm have been discussed in the English class.  Students need to think about their choice this weekend and come on Tuesday ready with their choice.  This is a considerable part of their grade, so they are encouraged to make good choices. Here are the Choice Board choices and the Choice Board Rubrics.


Gr. 8 have begun working with pulleys this week and were given a pulley lab to complete. Next week they will be graded on the lab write-up and their ability to interpret the data from the lab. They will then be introduced to the final performance task for the year, Rescue Machines.  They will design machines and use their knowledge of calculating work, power, and mechanical advantage to show how effective their machines are at reducing the effort force of moving a heavy load.


Grade 8 this week have begun their final unit on Statistics and Probability.  They have reviewed mean, median, mode and range. In particular they have been comparing distributions using the range to determine consistency and deciding which average is the best representation of the data.

Next week they will  look into scatter plots, understanding different types of correlation between bivariate data. They will learn how to use the mean point to plot a line of best fit and use the line of best fit to answer questions connecting the two variables.

Class notes on scatter plots can be found here.


More videos here.