Week of August 22, 2016


Gr. 8 this week discussed more literary device (please refer to last week’s post re the list of literary device) and they read the controversial story, The Lottery.  They applied the 7 Metacognitive Reading Strategies while reading it, which is an important practice for the quiz coming up the week after next.  As well, they found out their Book Club members for this quarter. In writing, they made a Happiness Grid, where they plotted their small moments, which will be the jump off point for writing their memoir.

Next week, they will read the story, The Glass Castle, which is the mentor text for writing their memoirs.  They will also have their first book club meeting, during which they should have read the assigned pages.

Social Studies

This week, the students were introduced to the United Nations site, where they will get the news that they will summarize in their weekly Read and Respond. Aside from the news, they will also summarize videos from the CNN Student News site. Read and Respond will be due every Friday before 8 pm. They also started playing CEFL (Current Events Football League), which they will play every Friday.

Next week, they will have a quiz on the Interactive Reading and Levels of Questions. Please refer to last week’s post for the slide presentation.  They will also have the first Read and Respond, in which they will get the news from the United Nations site.


Gr. 8 explored the Digestive System deeper as they discussed why it is a system and they had a first hand experience of seeing an actual digestion system of a pig.  Students should remember the acronym, FSB IC BIO, to determine what makes a system.


They also had the much awaited dissection of the digestive system of a pig.


How long is the small intestine?

Digestion 1

Next week, they will work on  mechanical and chemical digestion.



Gr. 8 had their first quiz on Rational and Irrational Numbers.  Next week will be about Exponents and Scientific Notation.

Take a look at this website for the Laws of Exponents.

Week of August 15


This week Gr. 8 applied the Metacognitive Reading Strategies on a short story entitled “Eleven”. They were introduced to more literary device and will be introduced to more next week. Here’s a complete list Literary Terms Explained.

Next week they will read “The Lottery”, which is a mentor text for foreshadowing, symbolisms, and irony.  Book clubs will also begin.  Students will start thinking of small moments in their lives, which will be the basis of their memoir (their first performance task this quarter).

Social Studies

Social Studies was all about the Interactive Strategies.  Read and Respond was introduced which is very important as they will be expected to submit one every week. They get the stories of their choice from CNN Student News. Next week will be about The Levels of Questioning.

QUIZ  on the week of August 29 about Interactive Reading and Levels of Questioning.


The students had an exciting time this week as they had a simulation of peristalsis as an opening activity for exploring systems.  Pictures below captured the students’ reaction to the simulation.


Next week will be on the Digestive system and the much awaited dissection activity.


This week was about Rational and Irrational numbers, specifically approximating square root of a number without using the calculator.

Quiz coming up next week on Rational and Irrational Numbers. Ms. Kathryn Deveza made this practice test.  Ms. Naggea also made this reviewer.


Week of August 8, 2016


Gr. 8 this week reviewed Brain Frames, which most of the students remember from Gr. 7.

brain frame

Some of the literary terms were also reviewed, looking closely at plot.PlotIn a few weeks they will study the other literary terms, and they will be assessed using a choice board. “Charles” by Shirley Jackson was read and the plot was examined with the twist at the end. The poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon was also read and they wrote their own version of where they’re from. The newly renovated library was visited and the expectation of reading 20 pages every day was emphasized. library In a few weeks, they will check out a book for the book clubs.

Next week, Metacognitive Reading Strategies will be reviewed and a quiz will follow.  They will read a story and apply the strategies.

Social Studies

For the first few weeks, Gr. 8 will undergo a Social Studies “boot camp”, where they will be introduced to the following skills:

SS boot camp

This week, they have looked at summarizing and they have created a Turnitin account to prevent plagiarism.  Gr. 8 have also been introduced to the command terms, which are the common terms that they will use in Social Studies. The first one can be seen below:


Next week, they will work on Interactive Reading Strategies which they will use in their weekly Read and Respond homework assignment.  It is also important for the students to watch CNN Student News regularly.


The students went straight into the nature of Science from the first day of school by looking at lab work: the disappearing coin and the candle burning investigation. Gr. 8 should bookmark Mr. Pasamba’s site as it has everything that the students need to be successful in the Science class.

Next week, they will look into systems as the first unit and concept of peristalsis.


Math was all about rational numbers. Here are the class notes from Ms. Naggea: 3. Repeating decimals to fractions 4. Repeating decimals to fractions practice

Next week will be about irrational numbers.

Below are videos from Khan Academy.


Welcome back!

Dear Parents,

I hope that you all had a restful summer break and that you are ready for school year 2016-2017!

We have a team of teachers to help support your child throughout the year in their core classes (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science):  Kathryn Deveza  (Teacher Assistant), Chrisanta Ely (Educational Assistant), and myself, Maricel San Agustin, Learning Support Teacher for Gr. 8. An additional educational assistant for a new student will be hired this week.

We work as a team to help all students, but the Educational Assistant is mainly to support the assigned student.  Our team works closely with all of the Gr. 8 teachers to advocate and accommodate for your child’s needs.  We accomplish this by working in the core classrooms every day.  Great pride is taken in finding the right balance in supporting their needs while challenging them academically on their level.

I will be using this blog to communicate with you, so please bookmark this site.  This is updated on Friday afternoons.  You will find a short overview of what has been happening along with a look at what is coming up in each core curriculum class.  I will also post resources that are helpful for  that week. I wish to particularly invite you to look at the Homework calendar often as all the assignments in the core subjects will be posted there on the day that they are due. Many parents find this very helpful when their child comes home and says, “I don’t have any homework” every night. Planners will be distributed on August 15.  It is very important for you to check the planners every day as that will communicate to your child the importance of school work and of being organized.

Many students take the Strategies Instruction class (SI) to  help support learning and develop skills. In SI we take time to help with organization, learning strategies, skills development, and task specific instruction. We do not use class time to complete homework. The class time is fully dedicated to improving and learning additional skills.

I look forward to meeting you all during the Open House on August 24, 2016.

I will be setting up goal meetings with you and your child soon. In the meantime, please feel free to schedule a meeting with me using this link if you have pressing concerns.  I always look forward to meeting with parents because they are the expert on their child.


Mrs. San Agustin

Room 3004