Week of October 3

Last week was very short due to the CWW, so the focus of this blog will be about what’s going to happen the week of October 10, which is the beginning of the Second Quarter.


Quarter 2 is all about poetry and here is a presentation to get the students started. Gr. 8 will compare prose and poetry and will review the poetic devices. Here is a pdf of the different poetic devices.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 will finish reading the first part (pages 1-9) of the UN packet and will have a test on it before the October break.

Gr. 8 will be introduced to the TREE (see below), which they will use in debating about the UN Security Council Veto Power. Students have to give their thesis, reason, and evidence.

Thesis Tree

Assignments for This Week from Mr. V’s blog:
1.  CNN Student News – watch episodes from Monday – Thursday.  There is nothing you will write for this, but there will be a CEFL game on Monday the 17th, with many Student News questions.
2.  Read pages 6-9 (interactive reading) in UN: Challenges & Change.  This is due before the first block of class next week.


Gr. 8 dissected a pig’s lungs and made a model of the lungs.


This week they will make a short video explanation of how breathing works using the lung model.  Below is a guide for the video and see this website on how breathing works.

Model of Respiration

The students will also have a Heart Lab Investigation.


In Math, Gr. 8 will continue working on their infographics performance assessment and reviewing for the unit test before the October break. See last week’s post for the practice test.

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