Week of October 10


Gr. 8 was introduced this week to poetry and the poetic devices and this great poem by Billy Collins was read.


They also transformed their memoir into a poem as a group.

Next week, they will choose their book for the Book Club and find a poem to share. When they come back from the break, they will choose their poet and poem and write about them. See this blog for the EmPOWER strategy that the students will use to write their paragraphs about the poet and the author. They will also have a choice board about transformation.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 continued to learn about the United Nations and have debated about the Veto Powers of the Security Council using the TREE (Thesis, Reasons, Evidence, Example) diagram, which they will continue to use for the rest of the year for the debates and AFC (Advocating for Change).

Next week they will review for the UN test and take the test.  Here’s a quiz reviewer. Below is the rubric for the comprehension questions that will be asked on the test. It is important that they read the UN packet pages 1-9.

Comprehension Questions Rubric

Below is the rubric for the closed and open evaluation question:

closed/open evaluation rubric

After the break, they will go into the Model United Nations (see below) and begin the next unit on transformation. A new R and R template will be introduced.



This week, Gr. 8 had respiration and heart rate investigation. They are now being trained to be more independent to read the instructions about the lab on their own and come up with hypothesis and conclusion in preparation for high school. Next week, they will continue with the investigations and based on the labs and demo they will come up with an experiment design that will show the effect of exercise on the circulatory and respiratory systems. After the break, the performance task will be discussed.


Gr. 8 finished their infographic performance assessment. Next week they will have the end of unit test.  Please refer to previous post for the practice test.  Here’s also the unit pre-test for additional review.

When they come back from the break, they will work on transformations in Geometry.

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