Week of November 21


Students have finished Task 1 about their poet.  Task 2, which is about how the poetic devices were used in their chosen poem to translate the language into a theme, was introduced. Next week, the format for Task 2 will be discussed and the scaffold will be shared.  Task 3 will also be given.  Task 2 is due week of Dec. 5 and Task 3 is due week of Dec. 12.

Below is the rubric for Task 2 and here is an exemplar.

Task 2 Rubric

Below is the rubric for Task 3:

Task 3 Rubric

Social Studies

Students continued their research for the MUN.  Policy statement and Operative Clauses will be due week of Dec. 5 and the MUN conference will commence. Grade 8 should be prepared to stand in front of the class to deliver their policy statements; lobby for their operative clauses and engage in a debate to pass their clauses. Next week is their last Read and Respond for this quarter.  Students should particularly look at their wonder question and make sure that it is a question that improves their comprehension and not just any random question.


Gr. 8 have started the unit on Transformation.  Below is a visual that show what they will learn in this unit.  A quizlet for the vocabulary is recommended.  A review of the particle model is likewise a must. Unit test before the December break.

Transformation unit science


Gr. 8 have finished the unit on transformations and the picture below shows them literally making their connections on the different kinds of transformations: translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation.

Transformations math connections

Next week will be end of unit test. The rest of the remaining weeks will be spent on performing task using GeoGebra . See last week’s post for the practice test.  The students have been given lots of review materials in the Google Classroom as well as YouTube tutorials by Ms. Naggea. Below is a visual for describing the transformations from Ms. Kathryn Deveza:

Describing transformations

Week of November 14


Gr. 8 have been busy researching and writing about their chosen poet’s life and transformation.  The deadline for Task 1 has been moved to November 21. Next week, they will analyze their chosen poem and write about how the poetic devices were used to translate the language into a theme. They will make a showing relationship brain frame to help them write the paragraphs. Here is a scaffold for Task 2, which is due on the week of December 5. Book Club document will also be due that day, which finishes the book for this quarter.

Social Studies

Students have researched their class topic and have been given their country for the Model United Nations (MUN).  Next week they will continue researching, and a total of nine MUN note cards will be due next Friday.  They will review how to evaluate websites using the CRAAP test.  As well, they will learn how to get better results with Google.  The note cards will help them write their policy statements and operative clauses for the MUN conference, which will be in December before the break.


This week the students have finished their performance task.  Next week they will wrap up the unit on systems and will start the unit on transformations: physical and chemical changes.


Gr. 8 have finished learning about the different transformations: translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations.  Next week will be a review of everything and a pre-test.  Unit test will be on the week of November 28.  Here’s a practice test from Ms. Kathryn Deveza for those who want to study ahead. Performance task will be in December before the break. Below are some video tutorials from Ms. Naggea:



Week of November 7


This week, the students researched on their chosen poet’s life, created a brain frame, and wrote a summative paragraph about the beginning, middle, and end of their poet’s life. Next week, they will write about how their poet is transformational. Performance Task 1 and Book Club Document 2 is due end of next week. Below is the rubric once again for Task 1 : Poet’s Life and Effect Part 1:  Biographical expository paragraph on (1-2 paragraphs using FRED) Part 2:  Poet’s life: How has your poet had a transformative effect on the reader, society, and/or culture?

See last week’s post for samples of the paragraphs.

Transformational Poet Rubric

Social Studies

This week, the students had their debates on the cafeteria crisis and they have been introduced to their class topic for the MUN.  They have spent some time reviewing the background of their chosen conference issues. Next week they will learn what country they will be representing in the model UN conference. They will then spend the next two weeks doing specific research on their countries’ stance and to find resources to help them create the policy statement and operative clauses for the conference.The more they participate during the actual MUN debate, the higher their grade will be. Students can visit Mr. Hamlin’s website for more resources.


This week, Gr. 8 worked on their performance task. They have designed their experiment and tested their hypotheses.  Next week, they will work on their write up. Below are the rubrics once again. They have to remember to write in the third person’s point of view.

Rubric Science

Sci Rubric 2

If there is time next week, they will be introduced to the next unit on transformation, where they will be exploring the ideas of chemical and physical changes that we observe in chemistry. Students will practice their observation skills as they perform lab demos on physical and chemical changes.


This week, the students worked on translation and reflection. Next week, they will work on rotation and dilation.

Here’s a visual to remind them about the transformations:


TranSLation – SLide

ReFLection – FLip

Below is a Rotations tutorial video from Ms. Naggea:

Week of November 2


Quarter 2 is about poetry and transformation.  Students have chosen their poet.  Next week, they will start researching on the life of the poet. Performance Task 1, which is due on November 18, will have two parts: written piece on the poet’s life and achievement to see how he or she is  connected to transformation and another piece on the poet’s transformative effect. They will complete two brain frames to help them organize their essay and they will use FRED to prove their argument.


All the work will be done in class and they will turn in all the parts of their work at the end of each class.

Below are examples of FREDs on the transformative effect of the poet.  These are not yet the complete essay, but these are examples of the main paragraph:

Transformative effect on society

Transformation from other artists

Below is the rubric for the Performance Task 1 due on Nov. 18:

Transformational Poet Rubric

Students also have chosen their book for the book club.  Assignments are due every week on Google Classroom until November 25 when the book club ends.

Social Studies

This week students were presented with a crisis situation of the cafeteria being burned down, and then they were put into groups to represent students, parents, administration, teachers, and vendors. They then had to write a policy statement on how to best solve the issue of not being able to serve food in the cafeteria while it is being repaired. This will then lead into next week when they will debate the solutions to the issue using parliamentary procedures in the UN. Students will have to prepare arguments for or against the solutions being offered by the different groups.

This is great practice for the next part of the unit — MUN (Model United Nations), where they will be assigned a country and have to find solutions to some problems specific to their assigned country’s perspective. This will require students to do research and reading of some technical documents. They will need to practice how to speak confidently in front of the class behind a podium with note cards as guide.


Next week is performance task on the systems.  Gr. 8 will design their own experiment and write lab reports with graphs. Students should know the following:

Expectations Science

If they review the Lesson Guide: Heart Rate Investigation, they will do very well on the performance task because they will be very similar.

In their group they will:

  • Write a research question
  • Write a hypothesis (can be individual or group)
  • Plan the investigation and identify necessary control variables
  • Test the investigation design and revise if necessary
  • Collect data
  • Record final data in each student’s science notebook

On their own they will:

  • Display the collected data as a graph in Google Sheets
  • Summarize the data presented in the graph
  • Answer the research question based on the data collected.  
  • Discuss the hypothesis in relation to the data collected.
  • Explain the data collected in relation to your understanding of the system(s) being investigated.
  • Discuss the interconnection between the system being investigated and another system.

Possible research question topics include the following:

  • The effect of activity (e.g. exercise) on heart rate
  • The effect of activity on carbon dioxide production
  • The effect of changing respiration (e.g. stopping breathing) on the heart rate
  • Another topic discussed with and approved by your teacher

Below is the rubric:

Rubric Science

Sci Rubric 2


Quarter 2 is about Geometry and Transformations. Gr. 8 will cover the meaning of congruence, translation, and reflection. Then they will look at  rotations and dilations.

See Khan Academy for Geometric Transformations.