Week of December 5


Gr. 8 have finished their Task 2, and Task 3 has been discussed which is due on December 12/13 depending on their block. The poem can be as short as this:

Task 3 short

or as long as this one:

Task 3 long

Below is the rubric for Task 3:

Task 3 Rubric

Social Studies

MUN conference is well under way and will continue until the end of next week.  This is the rubric that will be used for their grade for the entire conference. Students are required to ask at least two questions and to stand in front twice to speak for or against a clause. When they speak for or against a clause, they will be asked questions.  The clauses have been emailed to them so that they can prepare ahead of time. They are not allowed to use their device during the conference, so everything will need to be printed or handwritten.


Lab investigations have continued this week and the quiz on the investigations will be on December 12/13 depending on their block. Practice test and answer key is on Mr. Pasamba’s site in the Student Resources folder. Here is another practice test from Ms. Kath Deveza. Review slides can be found here.


Gr. 8 have learned how to use GeoGebra and have started working on their performance task, which is due on Dec. 13.

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