Week of December 12


This week was spent transforming their book club novel into a poem.   Next year, the students will write their Cornerstone essay and then they will go into the Power unit (the transformative power of words) and learn about propaganda.  They will have another opportunity to have book clubs, which will be about science fiction and dystopia.

Social Studies

This week the students have successfully finished their MUN debates.  Next year they will go straight into the Power unit and they will learn about the Philippine People Power EDSA revolution.  R and R will be coming from the Philippine Daily Inquirer instead of CNN.


Grade 8 finished their quiz on physical changes. When they come back next year they will learn about the science behind cooking.  They will have a lesson on chemical changes for two weeks before going into a performance task.


This week the students finished their performance task on transformations.  When they come back they will look into triangles.

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