Week of January 9, 2017


The students have been introduced to Dystopian Literature and Science Fiction. On the week of January 29, they will have the Cornerstone Writing Assessment, where they will read a dystopian/science fiction story and write about the topic and theme of the story using the FREDS framework from the EmPOWER writing process.  The two stories that will be taken up this quarter starting next week are “There Will come Soft Rains” and “Harrison Bergeron”.

Dystopian Literature

Dystopian Society

Social Studies

Students this quarter will be focused on revolutions as they begin the unit on Power.  They will focus specifically on the People Power Revolution that took place in the Philippines. This week students were introduced to the “Stages of Revolution” by Crane Brinton. Below are a presentation and a video that review the four stages.  Students have a poster due on Jan. 23/24 that uses an analogy to compare the stages of revolution to something with which they are familiar.  Read and Respond next week will now come from the Philippine Daily Inquirer as they get ready to learn about the Philippines.

Stages of Revolution

Here’s a video that Mr. Jhay Lingo created for those familiar with The Hunger Games to better understand the stages of revolution.


Gr. 8 had a great first session by making ice cream using liquid nitrogen and learning the science behind it. For the next two weeks, the topic will be on chemical changes.  After that, they will have a performance task on physical and chemical changes.


In math, students have been continuing with the geometry unit and are now working on angles. There have been a lot of new vocabulary words introduced. Below is a visual that Ms. Deveza made to help remember the angle theory. Next week, they will continue to have more practice on the angle theory, then move on to Similar Triangles. Class notes are always posted in the Google Classroom. Here’s a quizlet from Ms. Deveza.

Angle Theory

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