Week of January 16, 2017


The students read  “There Will come Soft Rains” and discussed the theme and the literary devices that the author used to reveal the theme.  This is in preparation for their Cornerstone essay on January 30/31, where they will do the same thing.  Below is an example of a scaffold for the body paragraph:

Here is a scaffold for cornerstone that the students can use for practice.

Next week, they will read “Harrison Bergeron” and discuss the theme and the literary devices the author used to reveal the theme.

Social Studies

Students worked on their revolution analogy and discussed power. The new format of Read and Respond for this quarter was also discussed. Here is a sample from Ms. Kath Deveza. Next week, they will talk about the Philippines: history, map, and background of the People Power Revolution before they go deeper into it.


Students have explored chemical changes, and they have started on the lab demos to find evidence of a chemical reaction. They practiced making qualitative and quantitative observations. Below is a visual guide for the words that they have to use in writing their observations:

Next week, they will continue with the lab demos.


Gr. 8 have continued to work on Angle Theory and Triangles.  Next week, they will discuss similar triangles.

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