Week of February 13, 2017


Students have started to brainstorm about their own Dystopian Short Story, which is due on March 9 or 10 depending on their block. Here are the assignment details and sample short stories provided by the English teachers.  Below is the rubric:

Here are examples of good beginnings.  Below is what counts as a strong ending:

Example of good ending from “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Rad Bradbury:

Dawn showed faintly in the east. Among the ruins, one wall stood alone. Within the wall, a last voice said, over and over again and again, even as the sun rose to shine upon the heaped rubble and steam:

“Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is…”

Social Studies

This week Gr. 8 have watched the Lakas Sambayanan videos and added to their timelines and maps.  They will continue doing this after the break.  Gr. 8 played a game card of events to practice for the test.

The quiz on the map and events will be the following week. Here is a quizlet on the Marcos events and a game to practice identifying the cities on the map.

These events should have been included in their timelines.


The students had an experiment with this question: in the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid, will the original mass of the substances change after the reaction? This was done to explore the Law of Conservation of Mass. Will the mass stay the same or not? Lab practical test will be on March 9 depending on their block. After that, they will have the science of cooking.


Students took the practice test and actual test in Geometry.  Before the actual test, they have analyzed sample answers to see what developing, proficient, and exemplary answers look like.

When they come back after the break, they will start working on Expressions and Equations.

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