Week of February 27, 2017


Gr. 8 have started writing their dystopian stories, which are now due on March 16/17. Next week, students will learn about the following topics: building conflict, suspense, climax, and they will review DADI (description, action, dialogue, introspection). The students need to continue reading their books for the book clubs as well.  Their books will give them more ideas on how to write a dystopian story.

Social Studies

Students have wrapped up the Lakas Sambayanan videos. Next week, they will have the quiz on the Metro Manila map and Marcos years (watch the Lakas Sambayanan videos).  They also have to submit their completed map (sample below), which will be graded according to the rubric that follows. Then, the former President Fidel Ramos will come to ISM to talk about the People Power Revolution.

To qualify for re-test, their timelines must be completed. They will need their timelines as well for their next performance task called Fakebook.


Students explored exothermic and endothermic reactions. Next week (March 6-10), they will have Performance Task A: lab practical, where they will be assessed on their skills in conducting an experiment.  The following week (March 13-17) they will have Performance Task B: the science of cooking.  For the Performance task next week, they have to know the following: physical and chemical changes, the law of conservation of mass, and exothermic/endothermic reaction and to explain their thinking using the model of CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning). Ms. Kath Deveza has prepared this slides to prepare for the task.


Gr. 8 have started learning about Algebra beginning with combining like terms. They have to know the following vocabulary:

  • positive/negative integers (positive/negative numbers)
  • expression
  • variable (letter)
  • coefficient
  • constant
  • equation

Next week will be about using different strategies to solve equations and a mini quiz.


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