Week of March 6, 2017


Students have started writing their dystopian stories, which are now due on March 20/21. Below is the rubric again. Rough draft should be finished by Wednesday next week for peer editing.

Social Studies

Students were given the opportunity to ask the former president Fidel Ramos and first lady Ming Ramos questions about the People Power Revolution and current events.

Fakebook project, which is due March 16/17, has been started. The posts need to reflect the use of power. Next week, they will be introduced to Gap Minder, which they will use in using statistics to support their research. Likewise, they will be grouped according to their political beliefs and will have a political party performance task on this.


Gr. 8 finished the first part of their performance task on the physical and chemical changes. Next week they will finish the write up of the lab report and begin working on the science of cooking and will have another performance task on this.


Students worked on algebra and had a mini-quiz on this.  Next week, they will work on the performance task, Who Done It? and here is a scaffold for it. They will be given three class periods to work on this.

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