Week of March 13, 2017


Students spent time working on their dystopian story, which is due end of class next week on March 27/28. The following week, they will have their book clubs and ePortfolios for the Student Led Conference. They should have finished reading their books by next week. The next unit will be on propaganda.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 have been working on their Fakebook and have submitted it. They took the political spectrum survey and they were grouped according to their beliefs. Next week, they will work on their political party performance task. Students should take note of the following deadlines:

The rubric for this task can be found here.  Below are some scaffolds that they can use for the brief:

Short version minister brief 

Political brief sentence frames

Use this for the background paragraph that is needed in the note cards.

Students should use the resources here for their note cards.  As they write their note cards, it is very important to paraphrase and write in-text citation.


Students have finished their performance task and they have started working on the science of cooking to apply their understanding of physical and chemical changes. Next week, power unit will be introduced starting with the concept of work.


Who Done It performance task was discussed, which is due beginning of class session one next week, March 22 for Block C. They are given three class times to work on it, but they can also work on it at home. Next week, functions will be introduced.

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