Week of March 20, 2017


Gr. 8 have finished their dystopian stories. Next week, they will work on their Propaganda poster based on their dystopian story.  The rubric can be found below. Here is a template to help them out.

Social Studies

Students have started working on their political party performance task. They have researched evidence for their problem. Next week, they will work on their solution. Four notecards coming from two sources are due this week, March 30/31 and the minister’s brief is due on Sunday, April 2. Those who need more support can use this scaffold. Here is a sample brief from previous years.

Next week, they will also choose their topic for the AFC (Advocating for Change): Contemporary Slavery, Poverty and Hunger, Migration, Fossil Fuel Consumption, Climate Change, Infectious Diseases, Gender Inequality, and Water.


Students have worked on the science of cooking and discussed the following:

Pancake and Bacon

Next week, they will start the unit on power:



Performance task has been submitted. Students have started working on word problems that involve distance, speed, and time. Next week, they will work on slopes and gradients.

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