Week of March 27, 2017


Students learned about the propaganda techniques.  They have to use at least two of the techniques for their posters which are due third session of next week, April 6/7. Next week, they will work on their posters in the class.  When they come back after the break, they will work on their AFC topics. They need to have a book of their choice as well as a break from AFC research.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 have started researching on the solutions to their problem.  This time they can use resources outside of the recommended sites, but they still have to use the CRAAP test before using the website.  Note cards are due this week and the brief on April 2 to Turnitin by 8 pm. They also had a chance to choose their topics for AFC. Next week, they will deliver their speeches.  See last week’s post for the scaffolds. Below is the rubric for the speech.

When they come back after the break, they will work on their AFC topics.


Students had the free fall lab, in which they used the  following formula and the unit m/s2 to measure the constant acceleration of a falling object:

Acceleration = 2 x Distance ÷ Time2


a = 2d/t2


Students measured the slope of the different playground equipment in elementary school and middle school.

They continued to learn about functions and end of unit test will be given next week.  Here is a practice test. After the break they will work on statistics to help them interpret the graphs in AFC.

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