Week of May 2, 2017

English and Social Studies

Gr. 8 have continued working on their AFC note cards.  Next week, they will research on Tried Solutions to their research question. Students are reminded to paraphrase properly.

Some students are still not using in-text citation properly.  They are encouraged to visit this site.  Choiceboard for this project will be introduced next week and they have to make their choice by May 12 at 8:00 PM. This was the rubrics that was used last year.


Students have started the Interconnectedness unit and are in the process of building their Eco-column.  They will write their observations in a journal which will be the basis of their grade in this unit. Always check Mr. Pasamba’s site for more info.


Students have continued learning about correlation. They have also started working on the relative frequency. End of unit test will be on the week of May 15.


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