Week of May 15


Students made a relationship brain frame to work on their proposed solutions.

This I Believe speech assignment has been given which will be performed in English class on May 29/30. This will also be delivered at the start of the AFC Summit on June 1. Here is a sample speech. Below was the rubric last year.

Social Studies

Students worked on the TREE organizer for their proposed solution. They need to submit this personally to their advisers this Friday at 3:00 PM. Final note cards are due Friday at 8:00 PM.  Next week, they will work on their AFC choice board projects, which are due May 26 at 8:00 PM.


Students continued to work on their E-column. They have been writing their daily observations.  Assessment will be based on the journal and the video on the E-column. The journal is due Block 2 of next week and the video is due Block 3 next week. All the guidelines and samples are in Science Google Classroom.


Gr. 8 finished their end of the unit test. They will work on the volume of cylinders next week. Class note on this is posted in the Google Classroom.

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