Week of May 22


Gr. 8 worked on their choice board and This I Believe Speech.  Next week, they will deliver the speech in class. See last week’s post for the rubric and sample of speech. Sample speeches for every AFC topic can be found in the English Google Classroom.

Below is the schedule for the AFC Summit:

Social Studies

Gr. 8 continued working on their AFC choice board projects which are due on Turnitin this Friday. Students have to write Operative Clauses for the AFC Summit due on May 29 at 8 PM. Below are the rubric and sample clauses. Next week they will have the mock AFC to prepare for the actual AFC on June 1.


Gr 8 have finished their performance tasks on the E column.  Next week, they will present their videos and disassemble their E columns.


Gr. 8 worked out the formula for getting the volume of a cone from actual measurement using water.  More information here. They continued to work on the formula for getting the volume of the following similar 3D shapes: cylinder, cone, and sphere. There will be no assessment on this unit.  The students are just being prepared for Gr. 9.


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