Week of August 7, 2017


This week, Gr. 8 read “Where I’m From” and they started to write their own version. Next week, their poem, “Where I’m From” is due and a writing sample will be collected from the students. The students do not have to prepare for this as this is not graded and the goal is just to see what the students can write without any help. They will also take a trip to the MS library and they must have a book that they like to read with them.

Social Studies

Gr. 8 discussed the importance of critical thinking that will be expected throughout the year. The bottom line is that there is no right answer, but what is important is to have a stance (thesis) about a topic and give support in the form of logic and credible, research based evidence. Over the next few weeks, the students will have a boot camp on the following skills:

Here is the presentation on summarizing.  Students are expected to watch the news every day and Middle School Library should be bookmarked for research.

Next week will be about more summarizing and avoiding plagiarism.  Students will also sign up on turnitin.  Then, students will be introduced to CEFL to encourage them to watch and read the news every day.  Finally, Gr. 8 will be introduced to the Interactive Reading strategies.


Students went right away into performing science experiments to get them into thinking that science is doing; not memorizing.  They did the “Disappearing Coin” and the “Thirsty Candle” experiments and they talked about reflection, refraction, vacuum, gas, bubble, and oxygen.

Next week, they will talk about Information Processing, specifically, stimulus, response, the brain, learning, and the information processing model. Students are to bookmark Mr. Pasamba’s site, which is updated on weekends.


This week students took a pre-test to find out their levels for instruction purposes.  Next week, they will learn about Fractions, Decimals, and Rational Numbers.

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