Week of August 14, 2017


Gr. 8 finished their writing sample and visited the MS library to check out the new books.

MS Library

Next week, they will talk about the Metacognitive Reading Strategies through the story, Eleven by Sandra Cisneros. They will also choose their book for the book club.  Students are expected to read 20 pages a day. For writing, they will start their small moments which will eventually lead them to write their memoir.

Social Studies

Students worked on summarizing from a video source and avoiding plagiarism.  Read and Respond bi-monthly assignment was introduced and will be discussed more next week. The students have to read a news article from  Newsela and use the metacognitive reading strategies to understand the article. Afterward, they are to write a summary. Next week, levels of questioning will be introduced and the CEFL (Current Events Football League) teams will be announced. Students should watch CNN10 from Monday to Thursday to compete in the CEFL.


Gr. 8 continued to discuss the Thirsty Candle Experiment and talked about the concept of heat, pressure, and particles.  Then they came up with their own experiment to modify the Thirsty Candle Experiment.

Modified Thirsty Candle

Next week, the topic will be on Information Processing. See below for the expectation in their lab experiment explanation and notebook format.

Science Notebook


Gr. 8 worked on changing fractions to decimal and decimals to fractions.  They also ordered rational numbers from least to greatest.

Human Number Line

Next week, they will go into Irrational Numbers.

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